The Duchess

Our Duchess is a 1968 Leyland Titan PD3, she’s 30ft long and 14ft tall.

She was shipped from Britain to Canada, then to Denver CO, where her previous owner, Paula, purchased her. She wasn’t in good shape – birds and animals had made their home in her and it also appeared to have been a hangout for many others, with the name ‘Tristan’ spray painted upstairs. Over the course of a year she was lovingly restored by Paula (a fellow Brit) and her friends. After lots of hours of stripping four layers of paint, replacing windows, removing graffiti, replacing tires, reinforcing floors and finally priming and repainting – she looks spectacular.

We then found Paula, and we are incredibly lucky that she chose us to get the Duchess across the finish line! Paula will always be part of the Little London Kitchen family as none of this would have been possible without the Duchess and her support.

After numerous issues with insurance and companies falling through to bring her to Alabama, we decided to hire a driver and go and get her ourselves. Several mechanics came out to try and get her running again but Matthew (co-owner of Little London Kitchen), having studied an old manual he had found for her, managed to get her running and ready for the 1,600 mile journey home. We had a few extra hundred miles due to the fact that her top speed was 40mph. It took us five days, but she finally made it to her next home, Birmingham A, where we restored her internally by completing her flooring, refinishing and installing her chairs and fitting tables. Her engine and fuel lines needed work too.

We are very proud of our Duchess and all the love and work that has gone into her so that she can be enjoyed and admired by any who visit us.